Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jodie Hearts Olivia!

Saturday afternoon I met Jodie and her adorable daughter Olivia downtown for an urban Mommy and Me shoot. Olivia is a natural model, she came up with so many different poses it was hard for me to keep up with her!!!!! Sorry for such a huge post, these pictures just begged me to show them off!

I loved this so much, I am going to be giving away a free Mommy and Me session for Mother's Day to a deserving Mom! Look for an official announcment soon!

jodie and oliva sp

jodie and oliva sp-2

jodie and oliva sp-3

jodie and oliva sp-5

jodie and oliva sp-6

jodie and oliva sp-5336 name

jodie and oliva sp-5366

jodie and oliva sp-5373

jodie and oliva sp-5380

jodie and oliva sp-5393

You're the one that I want...honey!
jodie and oliva sp-5406

jodie and oliva sp-5425

jodie and oliva sp-5433

jodie and oliva sp-5437

jodie and oliva sp-5460

jodie and oliva sp-5472

jodie and oliva sp-5523

jodie and oliva sp-5535

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lisa and Her Kiddos!

Lisa is a dear old friend from high school, with whom I have connected via facebook and MySpace (and the gym!). Believe it or not, these are Madelyne and Garrett's first pics with a pro! These kids were fun and as you can see, totally cute! The thought of chocolate waiting in the car got the best smiles! Thanks, Lisa, I can't wait to do it again outside!


lisa and kiddos-5144

lisa and kiddos-5181

lisa and kiddos-5148

fish face!
lisa and kiddos-5191

A big favorite of mine!
lisa and kiddos-5197

I love that they have the same look on their faces!
lisa and kiddos-5154

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Samhan!

Eddie and Tisha were married today, we have known them for going on five years now and are so happy they are finally hitched!! Congratulations you two!


Ebony--Bossier High School Senior

From a one year old to an 18 year old! Ebony is a senior at Bossier High School and she has it figured out! She wants to be an Olympic athlete, filmmaker, choreographer, and maybe something else... She is super sweet and a knock out! We had so much fun downtown!

Ebony runs track, dances, plays soccer, and plays the flute! Phew!

Did I mention she was beautiful? See for yourself in the sneak peek!

Ebony sp-4179

Shoes of her own design!

Ebony sp-4222

Ebony sp-4228

Ebony sp-4264

Ebony sp-4285

Ebony sp-4288

Ebony sp-4292

Ebony sp-4345

Ebony sp-4353

Ebony sp-4427

Ebony sp-4433

and last but not least...

Happy Birthday Queen Audrey!

Audrey is a special baby girl who came to see us about six months ago when she was just sitting up, now she is one and walking!!! We had lots of outfit changes and then let her eat cake! So much fun!

audrey collage

Priceless expression!


I loved these polka dots!



The Queen will have her cake now!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Holly, Expecting Emma-a Beautiful Maternity Shoot!

Holly is a friend of some of my new friends and she is literally days away from giving birth and wanted to get some last minute maternity pictures as a surprise for her husband. She was so beautiful it wasn't hard to capture her glowing, inside and out!!





This last shot is as I presented her with a gift certificate from Amelia and Rachel for Emma's first photo shoot. If Emma is half as beautiful as her mommy, it will make my job easy! I can't wait!


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